June 19th, 2004

Three small questions...

1) I want to know how to change the title of my free text box.

2) I want to know how to add more than one extra component because when I try just pasting more of the same code in it doesn't show the new ones. I know I saw this before somewhere but now I can't find it so sorry if this is a repeat.

3) How do you make the components narrower... for some reason they get fatter all of a sudden and I can't quite figure out at what moment this happens and what I can do to reverse it

Forgot this

I also saw mention of code that would make a little more room around the components and entries to show the background but I can't find where I found that and the code for it wasn't up at the time... anyone know about this or am I crazy x)
Buffy Chosenhellmouth Help

Extremely confused :o( Please help me!!!

Please forgive me for having to ask this ... (I am as dumb as I sound, sadly)

... I updated my journal to a paid account earlier today, and am having a play around with things, but there are a couple of things that I cannot do ...

I really want a picture at the top of my journal, before all the entries, and also add extra side titles, like the ones for the calendar and links.

I have no idea how to do this!!! :o( I've found past entries here that I thought would help, but it looks like you need to use S1 to change this kind of thing, according to the answers.
The only thing is, when I went to use that, it didn't appear that I could use the component layout with this option (Which I really want to use!)

So I guess my question would be - how do I insert an image at the top of the page and add more side titles while keeping the component layout?

Any help would be so very appreciated, thank you in advance :o)


Thank you SO MUCH for the help with my other questions... I have a couple more then I will go away!

I tried to use the scrolling entry code on my journal and this is how it came out

I can't figure out how to get that stray "<" out and make the scroll go all the way up to the subject line. Also I'd like to either make the Title header "raven like a writing desk" the same width as the entry boxes, possibly all of that centered? or make the entry boxes as wide as the header but I can't quite figure out what to change right now. I'm sure I could manage that but I'm scared to mess with it at the moment.