June 29th, 2004

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I just have a couple of simple questions, I've looked hard for the answers but I can't seem to find them. I have successfully managed to get a graphic at the top of the page and so forth but there's just a couple more things I want to do:

1. How do I centralize the graphic and the main body (The entries and components)?
2. I know how to edit CSS successfully but where do I actually paste the CSS code?

Any help would be much appreciated :)
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? Randomized graphic header component, and minor adjustments

These past few days I have been using several of the very helpful (and excellent!) tutorials in this community to make adjustments to my journal. There are still a few more things I would like to do though, and unfortunately I am a far cry from knowing how to accomplish any major modifications on my own. :\ If anyone can offer any help whatsoever with coding of the following, or pointing me to appropriate tutorials I may have overlooked, I would be extremely grateful!

1(a). I would like to have a component that sits below my navigation bar but above everything else, and spans the entire page. Within this, I would like to centre an image. (I'll be making a graphical header, similar in style to the 'friends only' banner in my visible entry, where I'll match the background colour of my image to that of the component, so it blends nicely).

1(b). I think it would be nifty to actually make a few versions of said graphical header for the component and have one at a time display at random with each page load. Can this be achieved, possibly with code similar to that in the 'randomized userpic in profile component' tutorial?

2. Is it possible to adjust the line spacing of individual components without affecting the line spacing of journal entries? (Specifically, I would like to reduce the spacing in my page summary component.)

3. This is just a minor gripe, but I thought I'd inquire about it while I'm posting anyway. I used code from the 'customise the look of your entries' tutorial to rebuild my entry components, and it worked beautifully! My only gripe (and it is a minor one) is that the line that divides the top of the entry components (the bit with the date in it) from the body is now doubly thick. I see the same thing has occurred with the entry components in this community. Can this be corrected with an adjustment somewhere in the 'customise the look of your entries' tutorial code?

Thank you very kindly in advance for any help at all!

~ Stefanie
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happy feet!

it won't line up!

Can anyone figure out how to get my overhead graphic and components to line up together at the center of the page?  For some reason my graphic is pushed off to the right from the rest of everything.  Also, does anyone know how to set up the graphic and navbar to stick on top and the entries to scroll under it?  I looked at the scrollbar tutorial, but that seems to be for individual entries, not the entries componant as a whole.  I would be really grateful if someone could help me, since I'm so frustrated.


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Friends Width...

I know it must seem that I am constantly asking stupid questions but this is driving me crazy.

I am using the multi-column layout but now I want to make the width of my components thinner so I can have a fixed picture on the right. I can get the picture fixed & it looks good on my page but when I go to my friends page...it's way off & cuts off my fixed picture. :(

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