June 30th, 2004

'I've had gentler invitations' -- Varric

Comment Count

How would I state the integer for comment count?
I've made an Image Map for an image to link to both reading and posting comments, and I'd like the alternate text on the Read link to show how many comments have already been made.

I know it's something 'count', but when I tried '$e.comments.count' it came up as 0, even in posts where there were comments made.
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Question on theme Bluetiful

i want to create my own theme based on bluetiful theme... but its source is not public. i only wanna tweak a couple of things not completely redo the theme, but when i try to create a new theme it's based on component's default theme. what should i do to create theme based on bluetiful?
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i have a paid account and i want to use the component style but it will not let me it lets me use everyone but that when i click to use it it makes it become generator style. why is that?
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