July 3rd, 2004

Eisei Animated Zzyzx
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Mmm. Fancy. <3

And now the fancier version, this one accepts url arguments. For example:

This code replaces the code in step 3 of my previous entry, if you want to allow the user to choose the timezone comments are displayed in, as well.

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I'll color it later. Maybe. >.> :P Now it's colored and everything!
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alright, hello, i'm new here (waves). this has really been bugging me. now matter how many times i've tried tweaking this myself, it never works.

in my journal, i have a frame in the middle that has all my entries in it. however, while i can center it by the number of pixels on the side or the percentage of room on the side, i haven't been able to just center it. because different computers have different resolutions and every time i get onto another computer, my entries are off center.

which is why i want to just center them. i have a generator style journal. any idea?

please help.