July 14th, 2004

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Coding help please!

Ok, so I am almost happy with my layout. I keep running into the problem though that when I have the nav bar not in components, but at the top, it disappears with the coding I added. However, if I have it in the components it is visible. I want it visible and at the top, as it defaults to without all this fancy coding. But I don't understand why it shows the nav bar the one way and not the other when none of the rest of my coding changes.

Scrolling Entries

Any kind soul willing to help me code entries so that they have a scrollbar? In Return I would be happy to make an icon or anykind of graphic for your journal, to see more of my work @ www.chicacintron.com @ my journal chicacintron or @ my icon journal @ bonitababygirl. I am not completely retarded when it comes to coding but the tutorial is hell confusing for me plus i want the entries to scroll from side to side instead of up & down, is that even possible?
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changing individual component backgrounds

I have no idea if this is possible, but can certain components (free text, for example) be made to have a different background color than what is set for all components?  For example, I have my component bg color set to transparent so the bg image of the page shows through, but I want the free text and my additional component to have a solid bg color.  Can anyone help?

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component on the sides with Navi bar at the top under image.

I recently made the 3 column layout style and wanted the Navi bar to be just under my Image centered as they apparent explain you can add this explanation with the Components on both sides However I take the blue code in the expalination to add to components on both sides just after the body tag as suggest but once Compiles it drivels the errors, Has any one had this issue? And or has any one done this?

Appreciatation in advanced for any help.


i'm trying to customize lots of stuffs at once, and something tells me it's screwing up itself ;)

Is there a way to allow 'print_profile($p);' or something like it, to work, in customFunctions?

That is, for functions I have created, declared within classes I have created, how can I avoid compile errors like 'Unknown local variable $p'? Is there a way to define $p, so the function knows what to do with it? Something similar to a C import?

All in all I'm guessing the answer is no, in which case I will be left to shove everything within a page_layout function. (ugh)
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