July 20th, 2004

Text at top

Instead of a graphic at the top of my journal, is it possible to just have some text?

Basically, I want my journal to look like this, with my journal being below the yellow line. The bullets and line graphics are not essential, but I'd like to have the text. Thanks :o)

for fairyfran

she wanted a working version of replypage::print_body() ... i havent tested this, but it might work. i had some external functions that woulda been tricky to port over to another layer, so, i did my best to integrate them into this function. it wouldnt fit in a comment, so, i made an entry.
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for sashwizzled

she wanted her friend's profile to show up including her's when she was viewing a friends journal in her style. here's my pathetic attempt at fulfilling the request.

its been tested by me and eduthepenguin.
here is his copy.
here is my updated copy.
finally got it done.
i had to take over EntryPage::print_linklist() to accomplish it.
"my profile" uses hardcoded information.
and because the poster member variable of EntryPage is a UserLite, i cant get the default pic or website info. now that i think about it, i could use the entry pic.
here is a preview of the 2004 april fools news entry, posted by bradfitz. it was posted with bradfitz' default icon, so, it doesnt show that it will actually load the same icon as the entry.

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(no subject)

How do you make transparent journals in companent? I'm new to this and i think they all look really cool. I need help.

Sorry if this has already been answered.

Love n Hugs
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