July 23rd, 2004


Layout realignment

Okay, I'm totally new to using the S2/CSS system and I've tried looking for a clear tute on this (most of the ones I've looked at provide code and stuff without giving basics of how to implement it), if there is one linked here somewhere please direct me.

What I want to do is take down the width of my components to around 70% and have it centered on the page.

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I thought I was done...but I found something else that I like. I've noticed on the reply page for component_help, the entry font is in Verdana (looks like 10px) as opposed to plain text.

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I also notice that text for other fields appears in Verdana.

How was this accomplished? Is there a tutorial, or is it a matter of changing settings in the stylesheet (I hope that made sense)?

Thanks for any help.
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