July 25th, 2004


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Hello. I am pretty new at component, as you can most likely see by the look of my journal. Actually, I am pretty satisfied with what I've done, but there's a bit more that I don't know how to do.

1. How do I get rid of the title bar? Right now it's blank, since I erased my title, but it's annoying just there.

2. How do I do a list of links underneath my Music/Movies of the while boxes? Figured it out!

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and also: how can I customize what "profile", "links" and "calendar" say? I'd like them to be bold, like the "Music/Movies of the While" are.

And one last thing: How do I make the underline on the links go away? x_x

Once again, thanks!
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Lil'corner thingies...

I finally got the skins to work as you can see on my Ell jay.

However I have a Teeny issue, I presumed the Lilt palimg corner thingies would automaticly change to suite that you decided with the style well On my Layout here You can see I tried to have the all White background.. However those horrorable lil' Corners seem to Like being visible, Is there a way to make them possibly Transparent?

Or even get the colour to change?
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not entirely component related, but close enough

Hello all I need some enlightenment.

Right now i'm trying to expound on the code functionality of t3knomanser's tutorial on flatboxes. Basically what I'm trying to use, of this tutorial, is the ability to create classes, functions within classes, and then call those functions from within different overrides of the journal. This much I know for certain, it is in effect all over my journal's layout. However there is an area of uncertainty which I shall endeavour to explain below...

I've got the following in my layer...

class chsllamaStuff {
function testFunction(string fred) : string;

function chsllamaStuff::testFunction(string fred) : string {
if ($fred=="cheese") { """
<h1 align=center>CHEESE</h1>
"""; } elseif ($fred=="beef") { """
<h1 align=center>BEEF</h1>
"""; } else { """
<h1 align=center>BURRITO</h1>
"""; }

But when I go to compile it, it get the following error.

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What should I do to get this to work? Do I declare string fred somewhere? the class? I'm lost.
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Shrinking and Centering/Header Image

this is both a public apology to missjecka and a tutorial.
i would first like to apologize to missjecka to how my previous entry was presented. i know that what i intended it to mean isnt as powerful as what it actually meant to her.

if you notice, i removed the links that directly linked to the other page.
my intent for that entry of mine was to state that i was annoyed at the reposting of questions that happens constantly at times.
this is in no way directed at only her, but all of you guys who dont go back and read.
i would also like to think that those people who come up with new nifty ideas would post a top level entry (like this) that says "hey! heres how you do this nifty thing that i came up with in comments on another entry!"

... putting that aside... i have a new Collapse )
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The following is in proper XHTML. ^^; Also, you'll want to add body {padding: 0px; margin: 0px} to your CSS.

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I'd have posted this as a comment, but it's huge. ^^;
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