July 26th, 2004


Before I start to customise...

Is there a way of making a backup? That is, some way of saving my journal definitions before I customise, so that if I make a major cock-up, leaving me with nothing but "ran out of time" messages, I can go back to where I was before I started that phase of customisation?

All the customisation looks very interesting, but as a non-expert in XHTML etc I would feel a lot happier if I could "undo" any damage :)

Filter titles?

Hey y'all,

In one of my components, I have links to my friends list filters, which works OK.

However, when viewing your Friend's list with a filter, it uses "Friends (Custom filter)" as the title (where the journal or page title would normally appear).  Does anybody know how to override this so it prints the name of the filter instead?
Tsuzuki lights

Changing background textures in S2 for non-programmers

This is relevant to Component rather than specifically about it, so I'll understand if you delete this post for being off-topic!

A while ago, someone posted a link to the new palimg textures on this community.

I thought these textures were a great idea, but last time I tried to do any advanced customizations on my journal, I got myself into a bit of a mess. Hence I present to you:

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(no subject)

Help! I've been trying to add more components to my layout but to no avail. I've already read and tried the tutorial on Additonal Components but it does not seem to work. My code just looks so much more different from the others.

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