July 30th, 2004

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Hey, I have a question.

What I would like to do is have my usericon for each entry appear in, say, a table, along with my mood and music, directly above each entry, instead of the userpic being to the left and the mood and music being at the bottom. Does anyone know how to do this?

Also, as a suggestion, would it not be possible to have a Write Entry button up on the right there, isntead of having to go to userinfo and clicking the pencil? Couldn't you have the pencil and the corresponding link up there too? Unless, of course, I've missed something, hehe.

Could you also develop some kind of device that stops me from holding shift down for too long when I'm tired and making me type words like COuld and ALso?
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Another question....

Okay so I tried out the scroll box but it ended up with:

Compile error: line 7, column 1: Unknown token encountered while parsing layer: [TokenIdent] = print_comp_header
S2::Layer, S2/Layer.pm, 67
S2::Compiler, S2/Compiler.pm, 27

Can anyone help me?

Custom Security Icons

Edits: Fixed the problem with the public posts using kunzite1's solution.

There was problem with the code, it's fixed now.

Solved the problem with the private posts. Now you can add the another image for the private icon URL, or just leave it as it is to keep the standard one.

Implemented masterslacker's code, less prone to die now if default URL changes.

brainybombshell asked how to change the security icon for protected icons. Since all of this was too long for one comment I thought I might as well make it an entry.

geimryk and I where discussing that the other day. The solution we came to was to basically take masterslacker's Customizing the Entries tutorial and editing the relevant section.
Just copy/paste this code and change the part where it says "yourimageURL" in red to well, your image URL ^_^.

For those of you already using the entry override in your journals, the part of the code that I changed is the one in green which originally contained just the "$e.security_icon" function. Just replace that with $eSsecurity and it should work.

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Hopefully all of this processed out all right, and hopefully simple copy/paste should present no compile errors.