July 31st, 2004

Log Out

I wanted to make a Component that lets a user log out. I did this, and when I clicked it, it said 'you are already logged out'.

So, I came here and used your log out button over in the control panel, and it said the same thing.

When I go back to my journal, it says that I'm still logged in.

I tried it in Internet Explorer (I use Opera) and when I clicked log out it came to the screen that asks you to either log out, or expire all sessions. I clicked expire all sessions, and when I went back to my LJ it wouldn't let me in because my cookies were invalid.

Can anyone either prove me wrong so I know it's just my computer, or if not can they make the log out button work?
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I've been looking at all these tutorials, and I don't seem able to find the answers to my questions. Or I'm just too dumb to understand. Take a look at sexyscholar

1) How do you get the boxes named "music faves", "tv & movies faves"? What code is there to fix it with the images and text like that. And where do I put that code?

2) How do I change the info under "me"?