August 8th, 2004


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Two questions:

Whenever I try to alter my style, it gives me an error page. Am I the only one with that problem?


How do you put borders around pictures?
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Cartoon Me

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I've tried the Compononents on Both Sides tutorial numerous times but never with any type of results. I can get components on both sides no problem. But how do I get my components that aren't just plain text on the other side? Anytime I cut and past the code for something and put it into the TEXT INSIDE COMPONENT GOES HERE I compile and get errors regardless of what I'm putting in there. I don't want just plain text. If anything I would like my control panel on the other side. If someone could show me how to go about putting that in there, I think I could get the rest on my own.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....anyone wanna help me? :-)

Also, is there anyway that I could scoot my text over to the left under my icon so there isn't an inch of blank space? Kind of like tjackson's.
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Adding Emoticons

I'm using the full update component and I wonder if it's possible to install an add smiley thingy using javascript because I've been using a javascript and it doesn't seem to work. Actually all i want is to automatically insert the code for the picture when I use a drop down menu. Any help is appreciated!

New Maintainer

Hey everyone, one of your friendly neighbourhood maintainers here. :)

Just in case anyone was not aware, as of about a week ago, kunzite1 has been a maintainer of this community. I needed someone to help out in the community since I'm in Trinidad on the worst-dialup-ever (tm) and the other maintainer (liabunny) seems to be taking a break from LJ/AIM.

I'm still trying to help out where I can, but for the most part, kunzite1's running the show.