August 9th, 2004


2 questions :)

Hi, I've been searching around the community and I'm either dumb, or missed...if so, I apologize :)

I'm almost done with the revamp of my journal style, but I'm missing 2 things:
- How can I change the comments/link from text to icons, like this journal: zzyzx ?
( I'm using the entries tutorial made by masterslacker found here )

- How can I add the border around the text field on the entries, like this journal: t3knomanser ?

Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks.
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Stretching into Scrolling

Is there a way to have my friends page, and, pretty much entire content component, into a scrollbox, when someone posts images or something that is to wide, or when comments stretch out my page?

Sorry if this question has been answered. I saw the entries in scrollbox tutorial, but I don't understand if that's for just the entry area, or the entire component.

If you could help me I will be very happy :)

Thank you for your time.
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Help me :S

Firstly, thanks to all those wonderful people who have posted up spangly codes....its helped my journal look half decent ^_^

I just have one problem at the it possible to get a pop-up link from a livejournal to work...the webpage the link is pointing to is extenal I just need some code that will allow pop-ups to work rather than bring the page up to the top everytime it has "#" in the link.

To help this make a bit more sense, here's the code I've tried to insert but to no avail

Please help :S
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Images as Comment Links

Hmmm, well charmed was asking in this entry how she could turn the comment links (Read - Comment) into images and/or whatever.

masterslacker pointed me out that it was easier to just edit the comment info function which, to be honest, I didn't know existed :D. Anyway, his code is much simpler so I'll post it here.
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This should work, comment with any question/advice.

-Edu the Penguin

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