August 10th, 2004

Super Sima

Scrolling Issues

First off I want to thank everyone here for the great tutorials and also for helping me fix problems in the past. I have one little problem that I need to address though.

When I view my journal I like to scroll down the page using my up and down keyboard keys.  For some reason on my journal scrolling is really slow for me and it continues scrolling even when I take my finger off the key. However on other component journals like this community's the scrolling is at normal speed and scrolling stops if I lift my finger off the key.  Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

I'm pretty sure this problem is isolated to the coding in my customization because a friend of mine based her journal's customizations on my code and I'm having the same scrolling issue on her journal as well. You should be able to view my code if you need to because I have it set so that others can peek.

Thanks in advance!
Cartoon Me

(no subject)

I'd like to thank tjackson for helping me out earlier. You're wonderful. Sadly though, I have another question.

I'm trying to put a scroll bar in my entries so that if there is a picture that is wider than normal, my page won't get all stretched out. I followed this tutorial on adding scrollboxes and made this change so that it would only affect the horizontal size and not the vertical size. Alas, it is not working how I want it. When I set the number of pixels I want the width of the div to be, it works on my computer at home. But at work I get a bunch of blank space to the right of the scroll bar but still in the entry area. What I mean is, on a larger screen the div only takes up part of the area for the entry, and not all of it, so in essence I have given myself a right margin. I tried setting the div size to 100% instead of a set number of pixels, and that doesn't seem to work at all. I don't get scroll bars to control the size of the entry and my page is stretched out. If I change the size to a smaller percentage, again I get essentially a right margin. Am I messing with the size of the wrong div?
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links list in scrollbar

I'd really, really like to put my links list in a scrollbar. Now, I know I could just write a component full of links, but I like the look of the links list, with the lines seperating the links and such. So, after futzing around all day, I came up with the following, which definitely affects the list somehow:

Collapse )

Now, if you look in my journal, you can see the mangled result. What am I doing wrong? Is my quest for a scrolling links list doomed to failure?

c'mon kunzite1, i know you can figure this out, because you're the bestest!

EDIT: BTW, I've seen on a few journals where you can allow the reader to choose what "skin" to view the journal in. I dimly recall seeing a post about how to do that months ago, but now I can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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