August 12th, 2004


help please

you know the portion on the bottom of your comments that says mass action and asks you what to do.. well i dont know what i've done to my journal but its like black, i cant even see it.. i only know its there because its supposed to be.

if you look at my journal and you scroll down to the search compoment you will see what i mean the box surrounding the search is sort of black and the drop down box is this dark grey.

what i need to know is what part of the code changes the color to that

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to force the current mood and music upwards? Like having it before the entry showing up? Something like indilime's own. She also moved the "edit entry" and "add to memory" contents underneath.

I would be grateful if someone told me. Thanks in advance! :)
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One last question!

One more question for you guys, then I'll disappear for a few more weeks until I get bored with this layout. ;)

How do I change the background color of Music/Book/TV Component? It's white, I'd like it to either be transparent or my entry background color. I don't see exactly where I fill in that option.
Check out my journal to see what I mean. It doesn't look right.

BTW, triple thanks to kunzite1 for all the help you've given me, I LOVE my journal right now =D

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I cannot tell you all how much this community has helped me :-) I do, however, have one question that for some reason I can't find the answer too - either I'm over looking it like the doof I am, or I'm looking in the wrong place...

How do you change the sizes of the components themselves? Make them skinnier/wider?

Sorry if I'm asking something that should be obvious! XD!

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Hearing/Watching component?

I already have components for my music and men components but I would like to add a third for movies, like outpour. I followed pamelajoy's tutorial and to add a third i just copied and pasted the code she provided. I put in my images and when I compile them it gives me this error. What can I do to prevent the error and so that all 3 of my components (music, men and movies) can show up?
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