August 17th, 2004


Hey everyone,

I have to apologize for not being around, and I know that quite a few people have asked questions to posts/tutorials I've made here and I never got back to them. I hope that all of you found the answers you were looking for, and if not, make a new post here and we'll try to help.

After I got married I spent less time on the internet because we had a lot of things to adjust to and things to deal with. Then we moved about a month ago and haven't had the internet. Now I finally have the internet again, but probably only for the next month and a half because I'm using a free internet trial from AO-hell and can't afford to pay for the internet right now. :p And my LJ paid account expired while I didn't have the internet, and I can't afford that right now either. So hopefully next month for my birthday I'll get more paid time.

So... it's been awhile since I've messed with component, and most of the questions that people have asked in response to my posts/tutorials are things I wouldn't be able to answer unless I could mess around with my layers and find a way to do whatever you're trying to do, which of course I can't do without a paid account. So for now I won't be much help. :( But like I said, make a new post and I'm sure someone here will be able to help you.

Again, I'm sorry if it seemed that I was ignoring your questions. Most of them I didn't even see until a few days ago when I got the internet again. :p


Edit: Somebody just got me 6 months of paid time! So I'll try to get around to answering questions and helping out more here again. If it was anyone here who got it for me, Thank you *so* much! I hope no one thinks that I was complaining about my account expiring in hopes of someone paying for it, because I wasn't! But I really appreciate whoever got it for me :)

Edit #2: Thank you charmed for also giving me paid time! :) I feel loved ;)
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"..navigation & entry icons help..."

Ok. So everyday when I look at my style there's something new I want done [ don't we all go through that? =p ] I need a couple of things answered:

== edit ==
1. I'm done with number one, thanks to the help of a friend =D

I only need #2 now, any takers? ^^

2. How can I make my navigation component, horizontal instead of vertical, like the one on chicacintron.

Thanks in advance for all the help, as usual, highly appreciated! =D
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