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I've been tinkering with the tutorials in this community (thank you all for those) and I am almost happy with my layout. But, I can't seem to center my banner...and I don't understand why I can't since I know I have it tagged at center...but it's probably something right under my nose. Any help would be appreciated.
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
This isn't about a component style, but I'm pretty sure I remember something along these lines before and that it's not possible... but I thought I'd make sure before racking my brains trying to figure out how to do it...

I'm messing around with a style right now, and you know how on the livejournal main page when you log in it says at the top "Welcome, LiaBunny!" (or whatever your username is)? Is it possible to have it show the username of whoever is looking at it? Like if kunzite1 were to look at my page, could I make it say "Welcome, Kunzite1!"?

I'm thinking I saw something like this asked before and that it's not possible because of security reasons or something... but I just thought I'd ask...