August 19th, 2004

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"...comp general question..."

Is there a possible way to justify the text inside the entries? One thing I've always hated about my comp style is that the text looks so messy within my entries...I'm asking cause most of the components I've seen around, the text is equally messy like mine, but again chicacintron seems to have pulled it off somehow. In her friends only entry, the text does look justified. TIA! =D
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Just switched over fom Boxer...

Ok, I looked through the memories and the help on the right but wasn't able to find the stuff I'm specifically looking for so I figured I'd put it all in once post and see if anyone knows how to do any of these.

I just switched over form boxer and there are several things that I liked about it that I was hoping could make the transfer. This is my journal now.

1) I'd like the main entries area to move over to the left so that my background image is viewable (I've seen several tutorials for a top image, but nothing on a side image).

2) On my friends page in Boxer, I was able to view the colour-coding of my friendslist but in Component, it's just a tiny border around the userpic. Is there anyway to move the userpic, username, name, edit entry link, memories link, etc to the date bar or just above the entry? It takes up too much horizontal room on the side of the entry.

3) Instead of the text 'Leave a Comment' and '# Comments' how do I set the journal to show the images (the LJ ones, not ones I've created). I know this one has been answered but only if you're linking to ones you create yourself.

4) In both my friends page and entries page I'd like for each userpic to link to that user's User Pictures page.

If any of this has already been answered I apologise. I spent about an hour going through the entries trying to find the answeres but I still may have over looked it.
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ALT for userpics?

So S1 used to use something like USERNAME: KEYWORD as the ALT for the userpics, so that if you hovered over my userpic you'd see "hardvice: Anagram" in the tooltip.

I'd like to do this, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I can find the userpic in the print_entry, but how do I get it to print the username and picture keyword? Moreover, where can I edit the ALT for the comments as well as the main entry, or will changing the print_entry do it? I dug through the S2 documentation a bit, but I couldn't find the properties I needed.

Thanks in advance!

Question about Header Visited Link color

I customized my colors in the UI so that the Header Link is a light color (#ffe3c6) to show on my dark Component Header color. However, the links aren't showing up on my Navigation Component.

I suspect this is because my Main Visited Link color is the same as my Component Header color. Is there a way to customize the Header Visited Link color? Or is there another workaround? Because I'm going to have to completely re-do my color scheme if visited links have to be the same color on both my entries and my navigation.

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I just joined today, and I read most of the posts from the beginning to now. I know this has been asked many times, but I just need to know where to code everything.

I want to have my banner on top of the navigation bar. I don't want to lose any of my component features though. Is that possible? Anyway, I just need to know how to get started.

Thanks :)
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hey, I read the FAQ and looked at the past enries/memories but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I was really generally confused so it might be there and if it is, feel free to tell me and I will delete this post, but can anyone tell me where I can get the html since they don't have it in the public layers?
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(no subject)

I looked in the memories and couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. I'm still learning component and it was probably right in front of my nose and didn't see it.

I added a few components to my layer, and I'm curious as to how I can add links/pictures and HTML features to the extra components that I've added? Am I also able to change the text to bold, italicized, etc?

is there any way ?

is there any way that i can only have a component show up within my freetext string if the viewer is a friend?

something like

if viewer is a friend
print comp header
print comp footer

do nothing
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friends list

Hi all,
first, thanks for all the tutorials and all, I've been able to custumize my journal in just a couple of days with them, starting from absolutely knowing nothing about S2.

But now, and sorry to bother, I've got this problem I'm really really not getting anywhere with.

I wanto to make a component with all my friends listed...
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