Design: Minimalism
Coding: Uniquewonders
Tag Tutorial: Murklins
Icons: DryIcons
Mini Icons: Pinvoke

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EDIT Ok, after following one of the getting started tutorials, I figured out that I was putting the codes in the wrong place, lol (i'm really new to this). Well it said there were no errors or anything this time, but none of the changes show up on my journal. Any ideas?
Here's an idea I just thought of... I dunno how feasible it is or if it's even really a good idea, just a thought though... I just remembered t3knomanser's Full update page tutorial ( and thought maybe we could make a whole page for the tutorials, the way he made his update page. That would cut down on the components, and give us more room to keep the tutorials list more organized and everything. Then it could be linked to somewhere, either in a component, the welcome note, or we can edit the nav bar to put a link in there...

*shrugs* What do y'all think? I told kunzite1 he can play around with the layout and change whatever he likes. He may already have ideas running through his mind about what he wants to do with it, which is fine. I just thought I'd throw this idea out there though
Does anyone here actually use the "Writing a tutorial" thing? the codes listed up there to color code stuff in tutorials... If not, it can just be taken out.
as seen here , my entry boxes are way long. it isnt because i have long text or photos, that's just how it is. how do i make it smaller towards the left, so you can see my background image? thank you.
you either like it or you hate it.

which is it?