August 23rd, 2004

[triple drat!]

Descriptions under random images

Hello :)
I managed to create a component that shows a random picture when the page loads and now I'd need to put a brief explanation of the pic *under* the pic itself. ^^; (if you take a look at my lj now, you'll find the component on the left, the one named "guest star:". I'd like to put the explanation text under the image, just before the copyright thing :))
The explanation should change according to the image shown, of course.

Is there a way to do it? Thanks for the help.

[Here's the piece of the code for the random picture's component, if you need to look at it :P Thanks!]

Just my two cents...

kunzite1, I really do like your menu you're working on, and it seems that others really like it as well. :)

Here's what I was initially thinking about when the subject came up about the tutorials box though... Just thought I'd throw it out there so people can see it as well. It will be less likely to have problems between different browsers and stuff, although I know Mike is coming up with ways to fix the problems with the CSS menu. Anyway, I've been messing around with it as an option, just thought I'd see what you think. *shrugs* It won't hurt my feelings if you all don't like it or if you prefer Mike's CSS menu. Just an idea... it gave me something to do while I was bored. :p

If we were to use this it could be linked to in the navbar, a component, or the welcome note... It also knocks out two of the components: the "tutorials" component, and the "how to write a tutorial" component, since I thought those two pretty much go together anyway.

edit: it was decided that we'd use both the page and the menu. kunzite1 has already added the tutorial page into the layout, took out the tutorial component, and put a link to the tutorial page in the navbar and welcome note.

Thanks Mike! :)

Somewhat off topic

Sorry for the somewhat off topic post, but wanted to your advice on which web counter (preferrably with stats and referral information) can be used on LiveJournal. I signed up for eXTReMe Tracking and pasted the code onto my LJ (within a new component) and it does not seem to be collecting any data.

I know LJ has some code limitations, so perhaps someone could point me to using a tracker that LJ accepts?

Appreciate your help!


tutorials component and "how to write a tutorial" component removed in favor of new css menus (ripped off (with permission) of masterslacker) (found on every page just above the entries) and new tutorials mode (taken (with permission) from liabunny) (link findable at top of all pages or in userinfo).

oh... "lj links" component ( ripped off of me and altered by liabunny ;) ) moved down in the components on the right.

any suggestions on how to make the menu stand out and say something like "hey! i'm here! i have all the fun toys!" ?
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Properties list

I tend to have a hard time finding the properties that I want to use if I don't already have them in my layers. They may be listed around here somewhere, but I haven't seen them. I looked around and found some of them listed out here and there, but not a full list. So I decided to go through and make a full list of properties, at least I think it's a full list. It's everything I found here along with a few others. If anyone knows of others that I don't have listed, let me know and I'll add them.

edit: Thanks kunzite1 for the links! All those properties were added to this list.

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(no subject)

is there any resource where people list their stylesheets, specifically color schemes?
ie: set comp_fgcoor = "#FFFFFF";

if not, i might make something like that on my domain. i'm not feeling creative and i want more color schemes.

Here I am being annoying again

Ok well I finally got the codes to make my journal smaller to work, adn I just now added a code to put a header on top of my entries but even after compiling it and it saying no errors and everything, but the changes dont show up in my journal. I'm pretty sure the layer is attached to the style cause i had to do that when I made everything smaller... so any ideas?

Also: how can I get a 1 pixel border around each of the days on my mini calender?