August 25th, 2004

Weird Margin in Entries...

I've sifted though my code, but can't seem to figure out what's going on... On my recent page, there is a wide margin on the right hand side of each of my entries when the text should be filling the entire entry box.
However, this margin is absent from the entries on my friends page, so everything looks as it is supposed to.

I'm using the Shrinking & Centering, Rounded Nav Bar, and Entries in Scrollbox (for horizontal only) tutorials.
My code is here.

Any help at all to correct the problem with the margin in the entries would be very appreciated. And thanks to all of you who have worked so hard and made such amazing tutorials, I'd be completely lost without you. :)
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a little help ?


i changed :
select, input, textarea {
font-family: $*font_family;        /* font for select boxes, input fields, and textareas */
font-size: 11px;                  /* font size, in pixels */
background-color: #555555;  /* background color */
color: $*comp_fgcolor;            /* font color */

so the area people post comments to my entries in are darker than the lighter grey of $*comp_bgcolor;

my problem is now there are ugly darker boxes around the checkboxes and selects.
is there any way to make this a little less scrappy?

thanks !

Problem with shrinking.,, Help!!!

I have followed the tutorial of Shrinking and Centering to copy and paste the codes and I spent hours playing with it. I still failed to shrink my page to a smaller percentage.

I was able to change the values of the width of margin of both sides, the width between entry box and components. But when I increased the width of these, the page would become bigger and I needed to use scolll bars in my browser to go back and forth to see the page.

Therefore, I tried change the line var string k1Swidth = "60%", even to smaller percentage. Let's say 50%, 40%, 30%, and so forth. But after refreshing many times, my page doesn't seem to shrink at all.

My goal is to shrink my page like what  lilkrayzeechick</b>did so that I can manipulate the width of
different things and my page will still fit into the browser without any scrolling.

Here's my code. Can anyone help me out??? Thank you very much.
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Multiple Color Theme????

If you look at jamesbradley 's work, he's got a component that changes the color theme.

 I looked at the links of those color themes. They are simply standard url like:

I thought if I created some themes and make a list of links in a component that points my blog's url with this method, it will work.  (Let's say, But I failed. :-(   It doesn't seem to apply any the dummy theme to my page.

Can you, jamesbradley or anyone give me any guidelines about doing this?


Age and Location variables?

I noticed quite a few people have their age and location listed in the profile component, and I noticed that the code on this page had places for them.

However, I was wondering if there are variables available that will print these out, rather than having to hardcode (and then repeatedly change) them. In other words, can I get to the same variables the userinfo page uses? I've tried hard to find them, and haven't, but I'm hoping I just suck at finding the right place to look.

Thanks. :)

(no subject)

Thanks to pamelajoy for helping me out earlier (thanks hun!)
But like an idiot, I have 2 more questions, lol.
1.)How do I make it so my mood & music aren't bold?
2.)On my profile comp., is it possible to have it so each line of text is closer together? (change the line-height?)

thanks again ♥
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Reply page problem?

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody who's ever contributed to this community.  It's all been amazingly useful information, and I'm finally able to make Component do what I want it to.  I've got the blend with Generator working out fine, it looks good in both 800 and 1024 width monitors, and other than IE not supporting translucent PNGs, I'm pretty happy. :)  (And if I can figure out a way to float divs instead of using tables to hold entries, I'll get that covered too.  Position is the key, I think, but I need to read up on CSS a little more. If only LJ would support conditional comments... *grumble*)

Anyway, I've run into one problem none of the posts here or on s2styles have an answer to -- when you reply to an entry, it looks like the same old Component, with the userpic on the left, etc.  I figure I need to rewrite the ReplyPage::print_body() function to include my modifications -- but I don't know what else needs to go in there (like the bar after the entry and before the reply form).

As an example, see and for the differences. My code is publically viewable, available here -- any help, please?
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Graphics at the top, yet again

Hi, I know this is a heckuva old topic, but I think I've got a fresh version of the question.

I'm using the print_custom_head() function to put an image on and push down the content. That part works fine. But I actually want to get rid of the navigation bar.

Is there a way to do so and not resort to the longer, more elaborate coding from the other tutorial?