August 26th, 2004


Image Map Backgroun

I made a client side image map that i want to set as the background image. Is this even possible? The basic idea is that there is a static image on the left side of the journal that doesn't scroll and has a picture of a tree and each branch links to a differen't site. I've searched and searched and cant find anything ike this.

Trying to get Page Summary into a scrollbox

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with getting my Page Summary into a scrollbox (because I'd like it to be a handy little component rather than a monstrous big one that takes up most of my page due to my showing 30 friends entries and 20 recent ones). I took the following code and added in the DIV for a scrollbox (which I've bolded) in what I presume to be the right place :

Collapse )

However, instead of creating the scrollbox, I get the following effect :

Collapse )

Anyone know how I can get me a scrolling summary? Or is it not possible?

(no subject)

I've read some of the tutorials and tried copying and pasting but nothing comes out right. Pretty much all I want to do is make the boxes smaller and get rid of the bars at the top and add an extra component for the links how do I do that? I'm pretty good at s1 custimazation but with this I'm stumped.

Someone please, help. Thanks.

(no subject)

I've pertety much figure out ow to get my journal the way I want it but I still have a few questions:

How do I remove the naviagtion bar at the bottom?

How do I remove the white corners on the component boxes? I've seen some other layouts and noticed that they didn't have them.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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