August 27th, 2004

much problemo.

OK. huge problem.

I just got a paid account.
I followed all the rules, to my knowledge, used the S2 system, component style, created a layer, etc etc. I put in override codes, and they come back saying "no errors", but it's simply NOT working on my journal. NOTHING is working and i don't understand why. any help would be fantabulous. thanksssssssss.
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link customization

ok ive been a member here for ages and your tutorials are wonderful. however i have tried everything to change the link design, i noticed in past comments to use print_custom head and make the link alter, but thats does not work for me. i am still using the old way of stylesheets and i cant figure this out for the life of me, any help would be wonderful here is my layer.
i want to make the links glow, and i have tried everything. so any help is very much appriciated, thank you

(no subject)

I looked at the tutorial but I didn't understand... I think it was trying to make a whole stylesheet!
Anyways, if anyone can help me how to put a graphic above entries, I'd appreciate it.
The tutorial was very confusing for me and I keep getting "error", lol..
thank you!

(no subject)

How do I get that thick white border of my friends icons?

Yes,I read this tutorial. It's too confusing though. Can someone just give me the code without all the explantion and extra stuff? Thanks, sorry for all the questions in the past few days.
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