August 29th, 2004

Ao dai

Removing something..

Hi, I'm new to the community. I'm also new to S2; just started to actually use it today. I was wondering if it was possible to get rid of the header background from the top, where it contains the navigation links (entries, friends, calendar, user info, and previous/next).

Hmm, and maybe where the journal title and sub-title are too.

Okay, I just realized I probably sound confusing. I don't want to actually get rid of the header(s), just make the header background colors invisible (for where the navigation links and journal titles are).
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(no subject)

I used this tutorial when customizing my journal. Everything is fine except for one thing, I don't want the edit entry ad memory buttons to show up on my entries. I just want them to show up on the read comments page. Is that possible? If so please let me know what to do, thanks.
Ao dai

Layer source

As I mentioned earlier, I'm new to S2. I copied and pasted a few codes into a new layer.. modified some of it. That could be why they don't work, but it didn't say there were any errors or anything.

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What's wrong with my coding? Why isn't it working?

Oh, and I have another problem. I used the title heading code to fit the title to whatever I wanted it to say, and it worked, but now it's back to my journal title. Why does my title keep changing?
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Free text and journal width

Hi there, I've been using custom layers for a while, but there's 2 things which I need help with.

- Free text component. I need to add it in, so what code do I need to use?
- I want to change the width of my journal completely, like unhappyending's journal. Again, what code do I need.

I've read all the tutorials, but I just can't get this right. I would try to learn how to use all this code properly and work these things out myself, but I don't have the time. I just need the codes, and need to know where to put them. Thanks.
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