August 31st, 2004

Components on both sides...

I found this tutorial to add components to both sides...but it comes with the disclaimer:

"Ok, I think I have the code fixed the best I can. I couldn't figure out how to make it *not* stretch the page out with the userpics on each entry. It works fine on every page but the recent entries page. So if you use this, you'll want to turn off the "userpics on recent page" option."

I'm wondering if there has been an update for the code, since that initial post, to allow userpics when adding components to both sides of an entry.
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Need help on scrollbars in entries

I've tried reading the tutorial on "scrollbars in entries" but I'm not the most coding-literate person on the planet and it would really help if someone could clarify for me exactly what code I need to put in and where.

What I want to do is add a *horizontal* scrollbar to the entries on my friends page, as people tend to post graphics and memes that are wider than my default-width entry boxes.

I already have a user layer in which I added an extra component. Should I add the code for the scrollbar onto this layer?
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(no subject)

I looked back as much as I could so I'm sorry if this has already been asked before.

That being said,

Is there a way to make the components more spaced out and not right on top of eachother?
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Adding HTML

I would like to add my own HTML to the right side of my journal. However, I don't want it placed inside a component. Or, if it must be placed inside one, I don't want the component box to appear.

For example, I may place a title graphic or image map, plus a few links and text.

Is this possible? I hope I've clearly explained what I want to do.

-Taki (kisakitaki)