September 4th, 2004

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I have a few questions for thins I cannot seem to find tutorials for...

1] How do you change the cursor?
2] How do you change the scrollbar colors for the main scrollbar AND the Mini Component scrollbars?
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I'm sorry for all of the recent questions, but when I read through the tutorials and then execute them on LJ... things go wrong. Since I'm obviously still learning S2 I'm having problems identifying what I'm doing wrong.

OK, so more questions...

1] I notice that when I go to "Edit Customizations" the 'Free Text' area disables all HTML. Is there a layer that can get around this?

2] I tried adding a second Music/Book component. I just copied the first one I did directly and then changed the appropriate areas; however, it doesn't show up. Apparently, you can't just add a second one that's identical. When I went back to read through the tutorials, I was confused as to if I should be reading the "Mixed Components" or something else. Even so, when I did read that tutorial it just lost me more *sigh*

3] How do you add this second, italized line to the Music component like here unhappyending, she has the title of the alum on a second line tabbed over. When I tried doing that myself things messed up...

I think that's it for now.


Hello everyone im new here,can someone please help me on trying get this kind of layout,i really want it like this pamelajoy.Im like in desperate need of help here lol,so if someone could please provide me with really good tutorials or just wanna help me i would really appreciate it!Thanks a Bunch!
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Ok, I think I figured out why things weren't adding to my component. Is there a specific code that you need somewhere to be able to add more components to the side? Once I got both the Music/Book component there, then the actual 'Free Text' area completely disappeared.

What do I need to add so I am able to have more there?

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Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me the override code for a header image for component? Also, could I get the code to add HTML or CSS to component? Thank you in advance!
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I think this might be a crazy request, sorry if it is.

I looked through the tutorials and saw that Shrinking & Centering Images and Entries In Scrollbox looked interesting. I have a problem where someone on my friends page will post a ridiculously large picture that stretches all of my entries beyond the width of the screen so that I have to scroll to view it. I tried both tutorials and they did what they were supposed to do but not what I was looking for.

I was wondering if there is any possible way to modify the code of Entries in Scrollbox to do the following:
+ Add a scrollbox to entries that exceed a specific width but have unlimited length,
+ Specifically have the above feature for my friends page,
+ But when I hit the permalink I want to view the entry in its original width without the scrollbox.

My problem is the streched out layout, I don't mind the wide entries by themselves just the effect they have on my layout.

I realize that the Shrinking tutorial doesn't stop stretching and the Entries in Scrollboxes tutorial completely changes my layout. If this isn't possible or is too complicated I can live without it as much as it would perfect my layout.
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