September 7th, 2004

Mood/music box???

I was looking at daimones's LJ and I love the way he has the mood and music in a box within the entry. I was wondering how that was done? Mind, I have about zero knowledge of coding or S2, I just successfully managed to employ this yesterday.
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Simple question

What's the bit of code to display a post's security icon? I want to have the icon displaying under the userpic/poster name, rather than over on the right hand side in my date bar. I'm already using the code to override the printing of entries in my layer, and I'm pretty sure I know where I need to put it - I'd just like to know what "it" is, if anyone can help! :-)

php includes?

this may be a stupid question but you know the music/tv/reading stuff i kinda want to do that but use this script and put my fanlistings and stuff in there. i would do that and upload it on my personal domain but is there anyway i can do a php include and link it? do you guys kinda understand what i mean?
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palmig stuff

ok i can get my components to have the texture with .sideheader, however the part that containes the date and the day wont change. i have used .header and various other things. anyone have any idea what it is? i am currently using the the fuction for the custom title, if that has any bearing on doing this. thanks!