September 9th, 2004

avengers // the pretties

Some questions.

I have a few questions; I couldn't find a lot of these on the main page of this community. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

1. There is no border around my default userpic. Can I put one there, and not have a border around my entry userpics?

2. How do I center the text in my title bar 'MUSING OF A POP CULTURE WHORE'?

3. Can I change the way the date is displayed (ie. to: September 9th @ 2:30PM)?

4. I tried changing from the navigation component back to the navigation bar using the normal 'customize' page, but it made it so there was no navigation at all - what is mucking up?

5. Can I bold my navigation links?

6. How do I make the date/time and the comment links bigger?

7. Is there a way to have entry userpics on the right side of the entry rather than the left?

Sorry about all that, but I hope someone can help me out!
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