September 13th, 2004

Stetching of the entry area.

I'm using the scrolling entries, and it all worked perfectly until I discovered that my entrys were stretching just a little bit from under the header image. Me, being the OCD person that I am, cannot live with this :P If you can help me, or have any ideas, please contact me on AIM, or MSN, and I will send you my code.

my AIM: Son Number 0ne
my MSN:

Thank you for your help!

NM! XD Figured it out! :)
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Since people have asked, this is how I did my metadata in a box. :)

Edit 1: Simplify, include code for flatbox.

This works inside your print_entry code. (check this tutorial if you're not sure what I'm talking about.)

I think this code is self-documenting.

If you'd like this box at the top of your entry, put the code above the """$e.text""";
If you'd like this box at the bottom of your entry, put it below """$e.text""";

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Gnome Hat

Yay! I got it! Much thanks!

With the Scrolling Horizontal Entries post by eduthepenguin I now can deal with large images on my Friends pages. And the help from sssexygirl, the tutorial by kunzite1 on How To Put MetaData In a Box, and the tutorial by daimones on how he put his mood/music metadata in a box., I finally got myself a nifty mood/music field floating to the left in my journal!

It looks wonderful!

I am so incredibly happy and thankful! Thank you all so much!
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