September 17th, 2004

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I'm still messing about with my entry_header code and I added another tutorial in my existing code to actually get the entry_header and now I seem to have two date headers and I honestly cannot see why.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code can be found here
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Hello... I was just wondering how you go about getting the component in your journal, like is in pamelajoy's journal. The one called friending policy? I cant figure out how to do it. Please and thank you SO much :)

that new spiffy dateformat

ok... took a while to find an example, but, liabunny currently has the dateformat style that im talking about.

how many of us had that style before the tutorial was posted?

i'm looking for a specific user but i can't remember the username.

edit: okay... windswept asked about it here and undeniablynikki clued us in that exotic_kittenv/kittenish_girl posted it in her journal here after she saw that many other journals were using it.

i still remember working with someone a while back about this and they had it as part of their journal. they were working on a friend's journal. the one i was working with had modified the print_comp_header() somehow and made it have a spiffy background image. i think they also had the spiffy date format.
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hi, i browsed through the tutorials, and i didn't find how to remove the little heart symbol and the edit entry pencil symbol next to entries. [or move them to the bottom] sorry if i missed it, but could someone help me with that?

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im seriously going insane. i want a journal layout like pamelajoy's. but im new to customizing s2's layout component, no offense but your tutorials confused me more then i could imagine. im not html handicapped, thats for sure. ive been making layouts for a year now. i must sound like a babbling idiot by now. im sorry, im just in awe about how amazing component can look when you know what your doing.

does anyone care to help me figure this out?
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Problems with mood/music in flatbox.

I've tried I don't know how many times to use the tutorial for the date/music in a box, but it just won't work for me. Looking at the tutorial, it looks like my code for print mood and music is different than that in the tutorial. So I'm either adding something twice, or deleting the wrong thing. I've added the k1_flatbox_open and k2_flatbox_close lines, it's the rest I'm having trouble with. Under the cut is my original code. Collapse )
Anyone want to help me?
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Okay, here I am again. I've had a component layout for about 2 months now, and for the life of me I cannot get the text to change to 7 pt. I've used the correct code and everything, it's just not working.

Also..on hover I have the links turn a light blue. Is there any way that after they've been clicked they can still turn blue, instead of just saying solid green?

Square Components

I've loved the Component Layout since I started using it, but I've always hated the rounded edges (though I don't know why - I just do.) Apparently dorwrath has "Square Components" for his/her layout and I think that's what I'd like. However, I have done searches in component_help but have yet to discover how to make such a thing come about. Could someone point me to the relevant post/tutorial? I feel like a goombah for asking - I'm usually pretty good at research.

Thanks in advance!
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Random CSS question

Anyone know why font-variant:small-caps would fail in IE (besides the fact that it's IE)? I'm using the following code in my layer:

Collapse )

and it all works beautifully in Firefox. I didn't even notice anything was amiss until I was forced to use IE to load my journal earlier today, but if you take a look at my journal with that browser, none of the links change to small caps on hover (with a few exceptions, notably LJ user tags and non-LJ cut inline entry links). Anyone have an idea what's going on?
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I recently changed my journal around quite a bit and now when I scroll up or down on the page the background is literally flicking, like a flash of the color under the background. I don't know if it is my browser, but I tried a couple browsers and they did the same thing. Any one have a clue as to why it would be doing this?!

-Thanks again, in advance.