September 19th, 2004

typewriter keys - color

user pic & entry space problem

i've been using the tutorials on the meta data and spiffy date found here and here and i've gotten my layout to look the way i'd like. however, i'm running into a little problem w/ regard to spacing in between the user pic and the entry box. i don't seem to have space in between them.i know it's probably an error in the code -- i pretty much cut and paste and winged my way to getting everything to work and look the way i want.

can anyone take a look at my code and tell  me where i can fix it so i can have space in between the user pic and the entry box? my LJ: angharad_gov; the code is under the lj cut

thanks for any help! this comm is amazing :)

btw, the spacing problem can't be seen in IE, but it is showing up the firefox (1.0 PR) browser.

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Random Quote Component

I want the eRandom Quote COmponent and here is what happens.

297: var bool all_rounded = true;
298: var string random_quote_title = "Random Quote";
299: var string[] quotes;
300: $quotes[0]="""Dare to dance on the paths between the stars.""";
301: $quotes[1]="""See in Ritual Vision""";

Entry Header - Date

I have looked around in the entries and played around with a couple of tutorials but I don't seem to be able to find the right solution to achieve the result I want. Please could someone help me.

Is it possible to achieve the way the date is displayed in savvyfairy journal, by using a theme layer. And if so how?
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combining components

I know there's two tutorials for this but after looking at both and still being confused, I decided to ask anyways.

I want to have three components on the left in this order:

Free Text ("about me")
Free Text ("pretty things")

And of course, Navigational at the top. If you look at my journal, all I can get it to do is Profile and "about me" duplicated. I don't understand what the heck is going on. Any help would be much appreciated. And just so you know, I switched to S2 oh...the other night. And I'm a complete dunce when it comes to HTML (copy and pasting is my best friend). So gentle with the techno-speak. :)

i need ideas!

im working on a custom layout layer that is based off of component.

i am using square components as opposed to the round ones cuz i think theyre easier to deal with and cuz i felt like it.

what kind of stuff would you like to have in a tab in the normal customization center for "customizations" ...

this could include the ideas of:
the shrinking and centering tutorial
scrolling entries (height/width/when to activate)
im info in profile
flatbox for mood/music

anyway... i need ideas!
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