September 25th, 2004

  • geimryk


I've had a 'friends only' banner on my journal for a while now, despite the fact that it would have to be PERMANENTLY stuck on there, whether you're a friend or not.

Now I see in captainkay's journal that as soon as you log in, that friends only banner disappears, so that only those that are not on the f-list or are not logged in can see it.

I'm using this to create my friend only post, but have searched everyhwere for a way to make it visible to non-friends only.


(and I'm still wondering about that date format in something other than english, if anyone knows what the term for that is....)

Order of components?

Think is, I want to change the order of components. I want the listening/watching component last, user pic first. Calendar second. Quote third. and the music/dvd last. Any way to do this, I mean I haven't seen any. So, I'm blind.