October 2nd, 2004

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Somehow, I took out the title box to my live journal..

Go look and you know how here on top it has a box that says; “Component Help Questions and Answers about Component”

How do I get that little box back?

(no subject)

ok I looked around and did get the stuff for putting my pretty header up. Now that it's there, I have a whole host of new questions, and I'm hoping you guys can help.

1. Is there a way to put the nav bar above the header picture?
1b.. while we're here, can I put the subtitle of the journal on the side of the nav bar and get rid of the bar that has the title/subtitle on it?? (if that makes sense)

2. How do I get the component boxes to start up next to the header


can i get the whole bottom section of the journal on a scroll bar? (so you always have the header as you go through the rest) -- and feel free to tell me if that would be stupid.

I have about a zillion other questions, but these are my most pressing. I'm not a complete computer idiot, but the language makes my brain turn to mud, and I'm really new to the idea of writing and working with style sheets.
Thanks for all your help already
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