October 8th, 2004

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I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but I'm wondering if this is possible. Is there a way I can put the entry editing buttons under my entry userpic, instead of next to it? The way it is right now, it stretches out my page and makes a big ol' glaring space next to the entry. If it can't be done, I'll just put it under the entry like in one of the tutorials. I just really really hate those empty spaces.

Border color question...

I'm working on the jounal layout of a friend and have two question.

1) How can I remove the rust colored border around the component boxes? I assumed it had something to do with Collapse ) but I just don't know enough to manipulate it.

2) Is there a way to change the text color in the comment icon drop down box? As is, the black doesn't show up very well against the brown...and I'd like to use the color that is used for the entry text.

Thanks for any help.
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ok this may be a stupid question. but i read through all your faq's and i cant seem to find a tutorial on editting comment links inside a user layer. i know its probably simple but i cant figure it out. thanks in advance!

Tutorial: Tab-like headers

In response to this post, this is for those who have been wondering about how to get those nifty tab-style (shortened) entry headers. Hope this is helpful!

- A lot of this code has been blatantly stolen from Components on Both Sides and edited slightly for these purposes, along with a little bit from Square Components (though you shouldn't USE it with Square Components). Special thanks to liabunny and kunzite1.
- Comments are appreciated. :-)

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