October 10th, 2004


How Can I Reduce Load Time?

Howdy... Currently I have...
set page_friends_items = 15;
set page_recent_items = 10;

I'm wondering how I can reduce my liveJournal's load time. I'm a paid user, so theoretically I should be 'more first' in the liveJournal server line...

However I'm still getting this choppy/wobbly text effect, while the journal is loading.

Another thing to note, is that I've pretty much completely removed all dependence on liveJournal component built-in functions, the only instances of print_comp_header(); etc that I know of, remain in the disabled icalendar, and the summary component in reply/entry views. Therefore, all the boxes, flat and otherwise are created from custom functions in my source. Could this be it?

in closing, does anyone have any insights on how I could reduce load time for my journal?
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