October 11th, 2004

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I'm sorry about this

Hi everyone,

I know this has probably been posted, but I am trying to put scrollbars in my content boxes (not the entry, the little side ones) and I tried to do one tutorial, but it didn't seem to work. Can you guys help?
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someone, anyone, please help

So I recently changed all the colors of my journal. I went through my stylesheet and changed all the colorcodes accordingly. But if you look at my journal you'll see the corners of the entry and component boxes, as well as the little arrows in them, are still a blue. Which doesn't match. I can't get them to change color. Is there a code for this? Or did i just forget to do something??
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edit: edited my last 2 posts into one entry, plus one more problem.

sorry to post again. in my links, how would i get one that if clicked on, would lead to sending me an email?

how do you get links into your journal? example: crits. i check the tutorials and there's nothing about links.

I tried the suggestion about the mailto:emailaddress but it still comes up as "http://piecesofme2309@yahoo.com". what am i doing wrong?
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