October 13th, 2004

Help needed: Setting Comment Style. Also setting the entry box width (Friends Page)

OK, perhaps I'm obtuse, but how do I set the comment style (advanced customization) to Component rather than the old style?

Also, I've noticed that on my Friends page, the width of interior box that the entry is in (Not the entry component, but the box where the text of the entry is) varies according to the size of the user's icon. (would probably do the same thing in my journal page, if I had it set for individual icons to show on each post, which I'm thinking of doing) Is there a way to set that border, or the box, to a certain given size so it all looks uniform?

Thanks in advance.

PS. And how do I get rid of the borders around the user pics on my Friends Page?
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Form Fields

Alright, I looked back about four pages in the community and I've looked through so many tutorials that my eyes are blurry. Not that it wasn't worth it because I love the way my journal is now, but I was just wondering if there was any way to customize the commenting form fields? I know how to do it with regular HTML but I have no idea where to find the code to actually change it. Or, for that matter, if it is even a possible thing to do.

If anyone can direct me in any sort of direction, it would be very much appreciated.

Oh, and before I forget, does anyone know how to universally change the line height? Something I did made it wider than normal and I added a code to the .entry but it only changed the height on my entries, not on friends pages.

Thank you again.

edit Nevermind on the form field thing, I figured it out. I'm not sure if it's the right way to do it but at least it shows up on my computer.
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?: comp_navbar - changes to URL?

I've dug through the stuff here and on s2layers and the S2 manual, but I'm just not managing to figure this out by myself.

I'm trying to change a URL in the navigation component (not the navbar). I'd like to add "?show=p" to the "Friends" link to exclude communities from that view. (I'd also like to add another line with "?show=c" to show communities as a separate view, but that looks like a different problem altogether.)

Thanks to all the stuff here, I've found three or four ways I can get almost what I want, but not... quite.

Can I just change the value of $p.view_url{"friends"} somewhere to include the ...=p?

Two questions

1) Can anyone tell me how to add a space between the top of my default user pic and the top of the profile component? I'm sure it's a matter of inserting a tiny piece of code somewhere but I can't figure out what or where to insert it. Be very grateful if somebody could help me out.

2) Also, I've been struggling with getting the text in my title bar centered. The title bar that says, "This journal's layout is under construction". Can anyone tell me where to insert what?
Edit: Thanks for the help on this one :)

Thanks in advance

PS Apologies if I missed this being asked before on the community.
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(no subject)

this is a really stupid question. but i cant figure it out. after removing the navbar how do you make the navigation component show? i tryed setting it both to first and second position and it wont show. is there a tuturial on making it?