October 16th, 2004

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Date and Time Appearance

Hey everyone...

Just hoping someone could help me out with a little bit of coding that I can't figure out.

I want to get the day (e.g., Saturday) to be read underneath the actual Date and Time, but I can't get the coding to work! Please help!
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(no subject)

looked in your tutorials. found one to help me. used the code you posted for it.

it didn't work.

i dont know what is wrong, but it won't let me put a header image up! it always says error: blah blah blah and then in bold red """

help please? i really want to put a header up. if you could post a different code or help me that would be great.

edit: my current code is under the cut. it said it works but the header doesn't show up.

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comments under user pics?

I know this is a general LJ question but y'all are so GOOD...

My comments for user pics are not showing up under each picture; there should be a "thanks, jess79" under my last four userpics and it only turns up under the last one. I've tried deleting them and re-typing them and saving but still no joy.

Any thoughts?

Many many THANKS!!! I want to thank jess79 for four icons...
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Entries stretch when replied..

Hi, um I've tried to look for some tutorials but none seem to explain how to prevent the stretching of entries when people have replied to them. Like when you comment to an entry it goes wider. I don't want that. I'd like to keep it the same size what it is on the main page.

Thank you. And I'm sorry if this has been asked somewhere before.. I just can't find it.