October 19th, 2004

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New to the whole customizing thing...

I read the tutorial on how to add a graphic to the top of my journal which worked out fine(thanks!). Doing this, however, caused my journal colors to change. The person who made the graphic for me designed the colors around the colors of my journal--which before I added the pic, I was using "That Green Superhero". My question is how can I have the pic at the top of my journal and also retain the color scheme of "That Green Superhero"???

Thanks for the help!
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i am trying to make a header entry that stays in place not a top graphic, i did it on an old journal and took the code out and there are no errors but it won't work, can anyone view my code if i email it? thanks
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I know there's been a tutorial on this, but I just can't seem to find it, sorry!

Anyway, I use Mozilla, and t3knomanser's vertical scrolling entries tutorial also works horizontally in Mozilla.
When I was relocated to the library temporarily and was stuck using IE (piece of junk... sorry.), it was brought to my attention that, no, the entries don't scroll horizontally in IE.

I'm sure there's a tutorial for this, I've just no idea where it is! If there isn't, how is this done?