October 23rd, 2004

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Hi, I'm new here. Sorry if this was in the tutorials, but I need help on how to do something like this:

and my order of components be: profile, navigation, about(but in a scrolling box), obsessing(one of those component boxes), listening, watching, and links.

I'm new with the whole customizing thing, so I'm sorry if this post was so confusing.

:) thanks
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Hi, I'm new here =) I just got a paid account and I'm not sure how to use component (s2). I would like to have a header on top, I would like my entries to be centerted in the middle of the page (instead ot taking up the whole page)  I would also like to have the smaller scroll down boxes underneath where you can put random item and images, and I would also like to know how I can put a pattern in the backround instead of just a plain color. I know this is a lot but this is my first time using this and I would really appreciate some help =) As a guide, this is a journal I would sort of like mine to look like: coffeebits

inside my mind ; phantom of the opera


thank you tiggerratty for helping me

but, something's wrong. one component box is alll the way at the bottom. Is there any way of fixing this?

And, how can your text wrap around your icon in your profile?

thank you x3333
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i am sorry to post this again, but i really do not understand it.

how do you get a component set up like _eighty8s "friends" one? (she lists a bunch of friends and the links to their journals) i have a component sort of like that but looks messed up and spaced out, and hers allows her to have more people, etc.

if you could comment or something...that would be great. thanks & sorry i don't understand.


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I must be stupid...

Because I still can't add extra components for the life of me. Could someone please look at my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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I don't know how to leave the coding without showing the images, but basically the second component isn't showing up on my LJ. Am I missing something?
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