October 25th, 2004


Month View/ "View Subjects" on Calendar.

Would it be possible to add a View Subjects link on the Calendar page (not the mini-calendar) which when clicked displays the date (hyperlinked), time, subject (hyperlinked) and number of replies for each day in an individual month (Month View)? This seems to be a feature on most S1 Styles but appears to be missing from most S2 Style. Can it be done and if not is there a reason for it?

If it can, how would it be implemented and is it possible to get the page to appear in my own style/theme instead of the LiveJournal scheme?

Thanks in Advance.


I've created an new layer to include a header/banner for my lj according to your tutorials.

However, when I applied it to my lj, the end result was that the header graphic is simply like a background gif with my previous component design resting on top of it. What should I do so as to 'shift' my journal lower so that my header will rest right on top and the rest of the style of my journal to stay the same?

Thanks in advance..!
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(no subject)

someone please help me?
i dont know if u have a tutorial on this but i cant find it!

how do i resize my whole entries box?
how do i add other sections underneathe my profile and calender and how do i edit them?

please help ive looked all over and i cant seem to find out how!


going crazy !!!

Ok i posted earlier about this .. But i still cant get it to work ..
Someone please help me lol .. I just want the pictures to not touch and be separt:)
I have 4 boxes On the side for my pictures.. My icons! My music & movies and such . And one scroll bar box for where i write stuff about me .. I just want it like everyone else has it lol .. blahhh .. please help : / chelsea
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This is most likely easy as pie, but, say I have made other Component styles and would like to have it so you can click one and it will change my journal look, kind of like a website "skin", how would I go about it?

Heh, Me Again...

I followed the directions from this tutorial. But I'm not sure as to where I'm suposed to place this code:

<div class="date1">%%daylong%%</div><div class="date2">%%monlong%% %%d%%, %%yyyy%%</div><div class="date3">%%12h%%:%%min%% %%ampm%%</div>