October 26th, 2004

Help with two things please:)


I am new to S2, but I have someone who was gracious enough to help me out thus far:) However, I need to pose this community a couple of questions:)

First, in my view comments page, if a bunch of people reply to each other, it makes the comments area really wide... and it just keeps getting wider. Also, the same goes for my friends page. If someone posts, for example, a long string of characters like "a;lksdjf;alsdkjf" it will make the whole friends page wide. My main concern is the view comments page... I want it to remain stationary. I have not seen anyone with the same problem as me... any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you provide:)
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(no subject)

How do i edit the profile component to move my icon to the side and have text up right beside it? I couldnt find anything on just this exactly.

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible? - 5 recent comments embedding, Image use ...

Firstly I wanna say with the tutorials available I've learned a lot with S2 component and this community has made it possible.

However Now I wanna see how technical we can actually get with LJ and the S2 styles.

Is it possibly to add a recent comments in a Component like some Blogs have that operate with MT, EE Etc.? I'd like to Embedded 5 recent Comments from Commentators. If this is possibly how Would one manage this? All help would Be greatly appreciated. This also Would require to be placed with in a Free Text box.

The second question is the Component with the usersname and sub title, Can this have an image embedded instead? If so How can one do this? The image has to be about that same size as it shows on a centred, skunk Layout. (I'm currently working on a Layout on my own LJ for another that this all combined.). And last but Least The Date.time Can That also be embedded in a image and centred? - While I'm at it can some one direct me to the tab tutorial please?
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It's me again...

I feel like an idiot, but I've tried EVERYTHING and I cannot get the additional components to show... I know it has something to do with setting the free_text component on, but I can't get that to work either!

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Gen Meh

(no subject)

I want to center my journal title, to the links (entries, friends etc) back and to have the background color of my comment writing section to be a diffent color than white and last I want the buttons for editing and adding to memories gone from all the entries. I've looked in the memories and I'm lost. Help!

I know a bit about coding, but not heaps, and after hours of trying I'm really frustrated :(