October 28th, 2004

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Navigation Bar disappears when Picture is added on top. Help?

Okay, I'm fairly sure this is a relatively simple and fixable problem, but I freely admit to being a) a coding numbskull and b) terrified of the advanced customization center.

I used pamelajoy's tutorial to help me add an image to the top of my journal. However, whenever I succeeded, the navigation bar, which I had previously moved to the top of my journal, disappeared. This is a .txt file of all the code I have added in, and this is a copy of all the code in my layers for component, period. Can anyone point me in the right direction of the code I have inadvertent erased/overridden or the code I need to fix it?
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So, I was wondering if anyone knows what variable to use to get lj to color in the default memory and edit buttons on a layout. I know that the compiled code shows up as the url to the image, then with the hexidecimal codes for the colors tacked on to the end, but I can't figure out what variables to use to get the same thing.

Like, the edit entry icon url is this: $editlink.icon.url, what would be the variable for the colored version?


I accidentally messed everything up my changing my font but I've got everything back the way I want but what is the code for an extra component? Thanks for the help. Sorry!

P.S if you go to my journal you will see the component that says "ABout this Journal" how do I edit that?

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Pic Question

Hi, i'm new here and I was wondering...how can I place a pic in one of the side boxes right *under* the profile section like in colette_'s lj? Plus, is there any especific size the image should be for this? Or does it automaticaly get reduced? [hope i'm making sense] Anyways, I'll really appreciate any help I can get here. Thanx in advance. :)
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Hi, I just joined and I was wondering if anyone could help me to make the titles on my journal bigger and bold with a different colour & also if you could tell me how to get the date to be like "October 28, 2004" and the time too so that it's like "4:44" not "04:44". Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me. :)

How to?

Okay after much persistence I have learned what code I need to add to my coding to get the effect of the date/time here and to embed with in theSquare tutorial as I want on my journal here

Which I need to embed this Collapse ) However I already have this function as this ...

function print_entry_header(string content) {

My question now is How do i include it all as one?
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Navigation bar

Hi everyone -

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE this community & thank you all for what you do - it has made customizing my journal so much easier!

My question is pretty simple (I hope): How do I remove the navigation bar from the top of my journal and make it into a component box on the right-hand side? Example: pessimistchick

Any advice? Thanks so much!
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