October 29th, 2004

me :D

scrollbar help!

Hi all-

First I wanted to say a huge THANKS for the tutorials (whoevers responsible for them) - I found them really easy to use.

However I'd really like to know if there's a way to change the colours of the scrollbar of the browser like you can with other styles using overrides.

I'm presuming there would be some code to put in the layer...can anyone help me out here?

Thanks so much!
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changing colours

hi all,

is there any way of changing the background colour of the ugly white comment boxes, as well as the colour of the font?

my friend newfangled has done this in her journal, whereby if you try to comment, the words that you are typing come out white and on a pink background.

is that opal background specific, or can we do this in component as well?

pray tell.

thanks guys!

profile icon

Ok i have made various layouts of component, and each time i have ceased to figure out the command to achieve what I am about to ask.

I know i must be a total dork because the answer is just not coming to me.

Ok you know how you see a persons profile component and it has this thing ==(thier icon)==

ok the question is how do you make the == thing?