November 7th, 2004

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ok so i'm trying to place the random quote code into an additional free text component and i can NOT get it to work. maybe i'm just placing it in the wrong place. anyway here is the code i already have:

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so i want to put the random quote within this in other words. any help???
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Whoo hoo i did it!

Thanks for the help with the square components, I dont know why I was being so stupid and couldn't figure it out. I need to remember not to work on my layout at 2 in the morning.

Anyway, this is probably a worse question because it's probably so obvious(I use to know how but I can't find it anymore), how do I change the width of the boxes(all of them)? Especially so that they are not 100% and stretch when I stretch my window.

I thought i found it in a tutorial but I tried it and when I tried to look at my journal it gave me an error saying I screwed up my template or something
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How can I make sure the main part of an entry covers the entire width of the entry box? For example, my latest entry is an example of how I don't want my entries to look -- I want the orange to extend all the way to the end, no matter the width of each entry.

Code for adding music please?

I would like to add some music to my S2 component layout. I've searched about but can't track down an 'add music' tutorial.
Please could someone point me in the direction of the code/tutorial I need to add to my theme layer to do this.
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does anybody know how to arrange components side by side instead of one above the other? Or is it impossible?
- I want to put them on the top of my entries instead of on the side.