November 10th, 2004


Only printing certain profile parts on certain pages?

Some time ago, with the help of this community, I edited my journal to show some extra stuff at the top, specifically my age (I have it compute my age based on my birthdate, so I don't have to keep updating it), and my imood link.

The side effect of that, is that when I go to another poster's entry from my Friends page, which appends "?style=mine" to the URL, it still shows up under that user's name. What I'd like to do, is only print that if it's actually one of my pages, not another page using my style. After all, not everyone shares my birthday, and it doesn't make sense for my imood link and image to appear under their username either.

However, I've no idea what to test for in a conditional; presumably it's a public Page variable (i.e. "p.<something>"), but I don't know what. Any ideas?

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Hey! I was wondering the code to make your headers thinner or smaller? Because at my journal I have a small font but big headers and I like the thinner ones. I tried line-height and that didn't work. Help? And just to clear things up - by headers I mean the things above the side components and the things that hold the dates :)