November 15th, 2004

Kish Kash

bold date/userpic change/annoying userpic border

Once again I pray upon you code-brained people.....

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---> How would I go about making the entry userpics appear on the right of the entry instead of the "default" left? Is that possible?

----> I also have an annoying white border around my friends pages usericons, but only on the  sides. I managed to get rid of the above/below ones by converting all the border widths to =0, but for some odd reason, that doesn't seem to work with the width...

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spacing between text lines

I want to decrease the spacing between lines of text (in entries, components, everything). I couldn't find a solution after doing some searching, so I thought I'd post. Any help would be appreciated. :-)

Edit: Just to clarify, I know how to do it in the regular area but if I do that then it will override my layer. I am looking for the code to put into my user layer that will adjust the line height.

Shrinking components

If any of you can look at my layout, I tried to line up the components with the banner. However the main entry component seems to small and I'd like to make it bigger.

Therein lies the problem. To do so, I want to make the components on the right thinner. How do I do this? I checked the tutorials, and I sincerely am not aware of this being addressed.