November 18th, 2004

time as permalink

How would I make the time (e.g. "12:34 am") appear as the permalink text? Right now I have "permalink" as the permlink for each post, but I'd like it to say the time for each individual post instead.

I tried to be clever by using *a href="$e.permalink_url" class="commentLinks">%%hh%%:%%mm%% */a> but that didn't work, of course. I also tried replacing the %%hh%% stuff with other things that also didn't work. Any suggestions?

Component location help

Hey guys, I chanced upon this community and it actually helped me out a lot. I was searching for this question and I didn't see it though. Hopefully it will be simple to you code-geniuses out there...

I have a banner at the top of my journal, and its all set and everything, the only problem is that my component boxes all cover it. How can I move my journal down enough so that it begins just underneath the banner? Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I looked everywhere for it and I couldn't find it.

M>L<A Shauna
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this border thing is baffling me....

Right, since my last post, I managed to figure out how to have the entry userpics on the right instead of left. But I still have that bizarre border thing happening on my friends view entries...

EDIT: It's actually not a border, it's the entire background of the icon that is white....even stranger.

Anyone have a clue how I can get rid of it?

(mah layer)