November 24th, 2004

me :D


i have tried both tutorials in this community and i can't make head or tails of how to get the box components for what albums you're listening to/books you're reading etc, with the scrollbar and alternative colour backgrounds. feel free to check out my layout thus far - i want the boxes to be underneath my last component - but i can't for the life of me follow the tutorials linked from this page.

it's driving me far this community has been terrific for customising my journal, this seems to be the only thing 'm having trouble with!

if anyone can help, can they show me an example for say five albums that i'm listening to?

hope thats clear!
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i recently started a community with the component layout, and i was trying to get the backgrounds of my journal entries to show up transparent, so that my background is visible! i try to edit in colors, but there isnt an option for transparent! also is there any way to make your entries show up on one side of the page...i want my entries to show up on the left side, not the right, but i am not having much luck! any help would be appreciated!