November 26th, 2004

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Yet another book list

Main difference between this and other examples: this one links to using an Amazon Associates id.

This is useful if you have an account with Amazon and want to make money when people click through to Amazon from your journal.

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Note: thanks to kunzite1 for the inspiration/basic LJ code. I ported this from my old Xanga journal (which inserted your Amazon code automatically). This code is meant to be used in a free text override (see the component tutorials).
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hey guys,
i was looking around and couldn't locate a tutorial, if there is one can you link me?
anyway the question is how do you format the date so that you have the day in the background and time and date on top? i've never seen a tutorial for that, but i've seen a few journals with it.
thanks in advance!


Hello! kunzite1 asked me to post this.

If you are a member of Netflix and want to show your queue as an externally viewable list on your journal without using is how to do it:

first go to and write down or copy using CTRL+C the id that starts with "P" under the link that says Queue at the bottom

then click here and register (it's free)

when you register you need to insert the Netflix id that you wrote down or copied

your log will appear, copy the url

go to your customizations or link list and paste the url

you will need to go to periodically to update your Netflix list simply by saving it

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I have two questions. I tried searching for answers for them in the FAQs but could not find them.

1) how do I make the day bigger like intervain?

2) how can I change the month for the calendar? Instead of English, I'd like it to say gennaio, febbraio, marzo, aprile, maggio, giugno, luglio, agosto, settembre, ottobre, novembre, dieciembre...


A couple of questions

With the exception of colors and some additional component tweaks, I've been able to get my journal pretty much how I want it to look. However, in the course of my efforts, I've managed to mess a few things up and no amount of work on my part will fix them.

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rut ro

anyone know an easy way to do the following?

Have links generated by ... $e.comments->print(); ... appended with ?style=mine? or any other .arg stuff I might want to do in the future?

Thanks In Advance
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Thank you.

I can't be thankful enough for this community. I know I still can work on other things, like scrollbars and the date formatting, (especially the latter. I can't make heads or tails of that. Help would be appreciated.)

But I think that for now I'm happy with this layout.

Thank you!

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